Looking out for us at home. Fighting for us in Albany.
Joe Addabbo gets results.

SINCE BEING ELECTED TO THE SENATE IN 2008, Joe has been deeply committed to representing us, with a near perfect attendance record as a full–time representative of the 15th district.

Over the years, Joe has passed legislation protecting and assisting seniors, veterans, working families, disabled person students, and our animal friends.

Joe is also constantly working to improve life in our community, maintaining essential services such as hospital care, public safety, and transportation.

Joe Fought For Us During Covid

He kept his office open safely in the pandemic to help hundreds apply for unemployment and get the money they deserved from the state.

Joe Passes Important Laws For Us

As someone who was born in our neighborhood, Joe understands what we need. That’s why he’s passed laws to:

“I’m proud to fight for us in Albany. I’ll never back down when it comes to getting Queens what its hard-working residents need and deserve.”

-Senator Addabbo

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